Friday, November 5, 2010

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These days I stay away from pre-packaged foods that are full of preservatives. If I do buy something pre-made, it's found in the all-natural section at the store, or at a health food store, which is where I got this cookie dough from.

It's gluten-free and you just pull apart the 12 pre-formed dough chunks and bake. Easy peasy!

They are a little more expensive than I would like to spend all the time, but I will buy another package to keep on hand in case someone comes over last minute or something like that. I always keep some regular cookie dough on hand for that same reason, but now I can bake up a couple of cookies for myself as well.

The best part about these cookies is that no one in my family believed they were gluten-free. They were light, moist and chewy, and until I showed Jay, Austin & Austin's girlfriend the package, they had no idea. I think that's the best compliment this company could ever get.

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